pottery studio

Original ceramics, turned in a traditional way on a potter's wheel in a Wrocław workshop.

Traditional wheel pottery from Wrocław, Poland.


In this section, you will find tumblers, which are handleless cups typically... 


Each stage of cup production is done by hand, from shaping to... 

A bit of magic for everyday use.


  • Unique

    I rolled each vessel in the traditional way on a potter's wheel and then decorated it by hand. No two pieces are the same.

  • Slowmade

    Turning, decorating, drying the clay and double firing in a kiln at high temperatures take a lot of time, so the number of dishes is limited.

  • Touch

    Touch is a very important sense for me, so I like to combine different textures and materials that contrast with each other on my dishes. I combine delicate glazes with rough engobes. It's a feast not only for the eyes!

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