Butelkowa zieleń, satynowy fiolet, delikatny błękit- witajcie nowe szkliwa na pokładzie!

Bottle green, satin purple, delicate blue - welcome new glazes on board!

Glazing ceramics is the final stage of its creation. It should decorate, but sometimes it destroys the entire effect and the work ends up in the basket of dishes intended for the mosaic I am creating over the sink in the kitchen. Nothing will be wasted.

While modeling the mugs, I think about what pattern I will make on them and what glaze I will cover them with. Blues match the mountains, pinks and blues match the butterflies. Classic Aztec design gives me more scope to express myself, because everything fits here, so you can have fun!

When modeling these small espresso cups or ginger winter shots, I wanted them to have an organic, primitive character. I was looking for glazes full of "rubber" effects, so that different colors would blend into each other in a completely random way.


While looking for these effects, I also came across a beautiful green that is slightly translucent and reveals the natural character of the clay, which has brown freckles.

Purple, which is not obvious to the touch, and those who know my work know that not only appearance counts. The sense of touch is equally important, and this satin feeling is completely different to the touch than classic shiny glaze.

And finally, baby blue, which I was looking for to make custom-made tableware. It's not only blue, but brown in places, and it's still one glaze. Each time it gives a different effect, it is non-obvious and unpredictable, but each time I look with delight.


Finally, I placed all the bowls glazed with new colors on the windowsill and it turned out that all the vessels created a consistent color. And I love it when there are lots of colors on the table. Hello, new glazes! It's always good news when it turns out that they have adjusted to the clay, dishes and the temperature in the kiln, and have not bubbled or cracked.

If the cups caught your eye, you can buy them here. :)

Delicious coffee,


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