Co nowego w marcowej dostawie?

What's new in the March delivery?

Honestly, I can't believe I'm announcing a March delivery, because we just welcomed the new year. The time passed very quickly, a lot happened in the studio and looking through the photos on my phone I can say that it was absolutely not wasted time. Winter favors my creativity, I like to spend cold days in the privacy of my studio with a cup of hot coffee or tea in my hand. Many new ideas were born, which I hope you will like. In today's post I will show and tell you about what I have prepared for you. All mugs will be available on March 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the "shop" tab.

The first photo shows the finished cups, in the second you can see the same cups before firing them in the kiln.

I have been fond of clay deformations for some time now. After rolling, I dent the vessels in several places, creating depressions that not only give the cups a more original look, but also make the vessel fit better in the hand. It's hard to capture these little details in a photo, but believe me, they are there! :)

There are new shades of brown on the deck, which are mixtures of old glazes to which I decided to return. Browns intertwine with turquoise and look slightly different in each light. Daylight brings out warm yellowish colors, and there is more black and green in the room.

You've probably already noticed that I like to play around not only with colors, but I probably have the most fun extracting and giving clay different structures. That's why I use matte engobes, which are a contrast to the smooth glazes, and I also carve a deep pattern and catching such a mug is pure pleasure! :) Sometimes I fill the grooves with glaze, which flows beautifully into the recesses, creating interesting images.
And now a preview of the collection in a slightly different style. For those who prefer minimalism. Unfortunately, I can't reveal everything and maybe I should wait with that too, but it's hard for me to keep them hidden because I like them so much. For their shape, simplicity and they are delightful to the touch. These will be vessels with lines, maziaje and other zigzags painted with engobes and later covered with glaze. This collection will include mugs, breakfast bowls and goblets.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to show everything today, because we have three nights of baking new products ahead of us. But I promise that there will be plenty to choose from and that there will be plenty of mountain mugs and barrels with classic patterns in various colors. The shelves are full of dishes! See you on Thursday!
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