Nadchodzą zwierzęta prosto z lasu.

Animals are coming straight from the forest.

Many times, during conversations during workshops or when I was looking for inspiration for patterns on mugs, the answer was: animals! And I didn't feel them at all, I had no idea for them and I didn't know if I could cope with such a difficult task in my head.

I work a lot, so I try to focus on projects that I know will give me fun, and my previous attempts at animals ended up in the trash because I wasn't satisfied with them. One day, while painting mugs, I watched the movie "Simon", which is a biography of the title character, and I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but women are always the greatest inspiration for me. I am motivated by their actions and I admire them. Simona's relationship with animals reminded me of the holidays I spent in the countryside, close to nature, where we often took in sick animals to heal them. I also want to believe that there are more people like Simon in the world, people who are sensitive to other people's suffering, especially the weaker ones. So I sat down and decided I was ready for pets.

I can honestly say that it turned out to be quite good. I tried to choose animals from mugs that could be found in Polish forests. Each mug has an image of an animal on one side and a plant motif on the other.

I designed the cups in two sizes: 500 and 550 ml, so they can easily accommodate large autumn and winter teas. The forest creatures will appear in the store tomorrow at 12:00. I leave a few more photos:
See you!

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