pracownia ceramiczna

A walk around the ceramics studio.

Writing posts doesn't come easily to me, but I imagined a situation in which someone came to my ceramics studio for the first time and everything became clearer, because usually then I talk about the process of creating mugs and I don't think I've ever bored anyone with it, because everyone who likes handmade likes to know how it's made, right? :)

Welcome to the first shelf. Everything is dried here. Everything, i.e. the vessels I rolled on the potter's wheel. They wait for one day for the next stage, which is trimming. I really like this process because it gives the dishes character. They become lighter and more and more resemble the form I had previously imagined.

Another shelf means another day of drying. This time the cups are waiting for your ears. On the third day after modeling, I start gluing the handles to the cups. In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult stages. First of all, it's about aesthetic reasons, but let's not forget that the handle must also be functional and comfortable to hold. Mine are usually large and I like to play around with them and change them from time to time.

The next shelf is the dishes waiting to be decorated. I make my typical carvings in engobe, and the technique I use is sgraffito. No matter how much time I spend sketching designs in a notebook, working on a "living organism" verifies my plans. The card is flat, the mug is not. So I'm always open to trials and the day I paint mugs is always very creative.

After this stage, the cups dry overnight and go to the kiln for the first firing, which will prepare the vessels for glazing. After 24 hours in the oven, the mugs are ready to be glazed, but I'll talk about that process on my next visit! :)

Oh, I forgot, a walk cannot be complete without stroking!

See you! Ola.

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