Prosta forma nieprosta do wykonania, czyli trochę o talerzach.

A simple form that is not easy to make, or a little about plates.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that modeling plates is not my favorite activity. I much prefer to work my way up with clay, creating cups, bowls and vases. However, I still had many requests to return to the plates in the back of my mind. I was just waiting for the right moment. And he came!

ceramics studio

Plates are simple forms and it would seem that there is no philosophy in making them. The truth is that they are quite... attention-grabbing and require a lot of attention during the drying stage. They need to be looked after and, if necessary, additionally moisturized to keep them straight and flat. If they dry too quickly, they may start to "float". I'm not afraid of crooked plates and my chaotic soul is looking forward to ceramic surprises, but it's worth it for the plate to be stable. So you have to look at them every now and then.

Once they are dry and after the first firing, it's time for glazing. And this is where the fun begins. Pouring colorful glazes is like painting abstract pictures, the true colors of which will be visible after the last firing in the kiln. The photo on the right shows the plate during glazing, while the one on the left shows it ready, the same plate after a night spent in the oven at a high temperature of 1230 degrees Celsius.

ceramic plate

The first edition of the plates is a patchwork in beige and brown colors. In places, the glaze merges with each other, creating colors reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. I get a different effect each time, so each plate is different.



After returning from vacation, I promise that I will also return to the turquoise and pink classics that many people are waiting for. I remember you and I have already made my first attempts at glazes.

The plates will be available for sale in April and more will be available.

Happy Monday to you!

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