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I would like to introduce you to someone very important in the world of our mugs. Asia, known to some in the Instagram world as @wrotyczowa for all kinds of herbs and beautifully scented cosmetics, joined my two-person team and is responsible for the beautiful ears and the miracle of enamel on the mugs.
ceramic workshop modeling mug handles
I have known Asia for several years, but from a private perspective. Once, during a workshop that I organized for my friends, I noticed that we had a similar sense of aesthetics and a slight familiarity with clay. You know what I mean, she sits down, models and she does it. The moment I stopped leaving the studio because I was taking too much on my shoulders, my connections came together and I asked Asia for help. And so she stayed. :)
I must admit that, apart from being happy that I could share my responsibilities with someone, I had concerns about: firstly, working with someone. Previously, I was alone, I planned only for myself and I worried only about myself, and secondly, whether I would be able to tell when something would not meet my expectations. However, it quickly turned out that we are quite good at honesty and defining the principles by which we want to work and I hope that we will cultivate this art. Asia, although she has never dealt with clay before, absorbs knowledge very quickly and when I saw her ears yesterday I crowed with delight and envy! now I'll have to learn something. I must admit that sharing your worries about running a business with someone is also good for your mind. And this is good news for you, because the mugs are getting more and more beautiful and there are more and more of them. :)
I am re-making plans and timetables for the furnace, so I am asking for your understanding in the constant changes in delivery dates. We'll settle down in a moment and everything will run smoother.
Have a beautiful day to you!
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